My love of cooking originated from my parents and it is where I am most comfortable; quite frequently you can find me humming or dancing in the kitchen.

Brunch is one of my favorite meal times.   I love this recipe from my childhood because it is not only the perfect combination of salty and sweet but it is perfect for when you want to have leftovers for the next day or a romantic morning in bed.

With Valentine’s day approaching, I thought it's the perfect time to share 😀



1 can of Evaporated Milk (Nestle Carnation is recommended)

½ can of condensed milk (Nestle Carnation is recommended)

3 eggs (room temperature)

1 tsp of lemon juice (chef tip: removes the scent of the egg)

2 tbsp of freshly grated ginger (tip: use a micropane to grate/food processor to mince)

½ tsp Nutmeg

a dash of cinnamon

a pinch of salt

a dash of vanilla extract (alternative: vanilla essence approx. 1 – 1½ tsp)

1 package of bacon, cook as desired



Crack eggs and add ¼ of the canned evaporated milk then whisk.  Strain egg mixture into large mixing bowl for a smooth consistency.

To egg mixture, add remaining can of evaporated milk and ½ of the can condensed milk, stir until combined.  Then add lemon juice, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract.  Whisk mixture well.

Next step is to prepare a water bath for baking

The key purpose of this step is to ensure the custard doesn’t crack or become rubbery in texture and to provide a slow, even heat throughout.

Step 1: Use a baking sheet pan (see example in below link) with a depth of 1 ½” - 2” and fill halfway with water *an alternative would be to use a roasting pan|pdpipadh1_outfit|related_prods_vv|pdpipadh1_outfit|16999571|1

Step 2: Pour the egg mixture into a smaller baking dish (see example in below link); then submerge into water bath.  The water should be halfway up the side of the smaller pan for an even cooking process. *an alternative a deep pie dish, ramekins or a springform pan with the sides fully wrapped in foil to prevent leakage|pdpipadh1|related_prods_vv|pdpipadh1|13796564|3


Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour; depending on how brown you want the top of the pie.  It should have the consistency of a JELLO mold once done.  Set aside to cool at room temperature then refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.


Cut and serve with cooked bacon…enjoy!


*An Alternative to my dad’s water bath: use a pre-packaged pie shell, pour egg mixture and bake per above.  Add bacon on the top in the shape of a lattice or smiley face.

Egg Custard Bacon.jpg